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  • nip in the bud, to. To stop something before it can develop further. This analogy to an early spring frost that kills off flower buds dates from the sixteenth century. Sir Boyle Roche (–), a member of Parliament, was quoted in this memorable mixed metaphor: “Mr. Speaker, I smell a rat; I see him forming in the air and darkening the sky; but I’ll nip him in the bud.”.
  • The actual saying is “nip it in the bud.” The meaning is to take care of a problem in its early stages before it gets too big to manage easily. Here’s Paul Brians on the question: “To nip a process in the bud is to stop it from flowering Techtarget.
  • Nip in the Bud® works with mental health organisations to produce short films and other resources to assist parents, educationalists and others to learn about mental health conditions in children. About one in ten children aged between five and sixteen are diagnosed with a mental health problem every year, and seventy five per cent of mental illness is thought to start before the age of
  • Jul 28,  · Nip it in the Bud 1) to trim a plant stem where buds appear to encourage more flowering or leaf growth instead of stem growth 2) to stop anything prior to it growing larger or more extreme, .
  • Nip in the bud comes from horticulture, where trimming a bud from a plant prevents the bud from becoming a flower or fruit. Used metaphorically, the phrase usually means to stop a potential problem before it develops.
  • to stop (something) immediately so that it does not become a worse problem Inflation will only get worse if the government doesn't do something right now to nip it in the bud. Learn More about nip (something) in the bud Share nip (something) in the bud Watch More on nip (something) in the bud.
  • Correct Idiom: Nip it in the Bud Incorrect Version: Nip it in the Butt, Nix it in the Bud, Nix it in the Butt. This idiom references gardening. A flower that is “nipped in the bud” wouldn’t grow and blossom. This phrase is often used to suggest that by handling a something when it’s a .
  • Bastardization of the phrase " nip it in the bud," which in turn means to stop something from happening by squelching it early on. I am gonna have a lot of homework to do in a few feeks, but I .
  • Synonyms for nip in the bud. abort. anticipate. cut off. cut short. put the kibosh on. stymie. TRY nip in the bud IN A SENTENCE BELOW. MOST RELEVANT.

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